Open Sings

The Music We Share: Every month we meet to sing songs on a particular theme (some recent topics: Extraordinary Creatures, Invitations, and In-laws and Outlaws). Having a topic encourages us to learn new songs or put a bit of polish on old ones. We usually take turns around the room, giving everyone a chance to sing a song, play a tune, or pass. Most songs are presented from memory, but "cheat sheets" frequently appear. And if you can't think of a song on the topic, come join us anyway.

When: Monthly, usually at 8:30 on the first Friday.

Location: Various homes. Dates and RSVP information are included in the FSGW Newsletter and the Upcoming Open Sings list below (part of the FSGW Calendar.)

Admission: Free

Questions?  Contact Vince Wilding at Vince [at] VinceWilding [dot] com if you'd like email reminders or you have any more questions concerning Open Sings

Upcoming Open Sings

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