FSGW Logo Use Guidelines

The Folklore Society of Greater Washington presents a variety of events and identifies itself in digital and printed materials and through social media. By coordinating the look of everything FSGW publishes, FSGW presents a consistent image to the world, one that reflects who we are and what we do. The FSGW logo is FSGW's primary branding image. Please follow the guidelines set out below.

The Folklore Society of Greater Washington logo should appear on all FSGW Internet pages and all printed material distributed by FSGW, which includes, but is not limited to: letterhead, business cards, brochures, posters, banners, newspaper and magazine advertising, invitations, annual reports, training manuals, ID badges, manuals, signs, promotional clothing, press releases, thank you cards, newsletters, and information flyers. The logo should be prominently displayed. Requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Publicity Chair.  In addition, it is recommended that your materials that display the logo be approved by the Publicity Chair.

Secondary logos (FSGW event logos, affiliates or "friends" logos) may also be displayed on FSGW pages, but should not be larger than, nor placed higher than, the primary logo.

Groups that co-sponsor events with FSGW shall display the FSGW logo along with their own logo on their printed material or online. To create the display, a file available here, either in gray-scale or color must be used. Colors may not be varied and the Publicity Chair will approve the placement and size of our logo.

The FSGW logo should not be altered by other groups or individuals and the proportion of width to height of the FSGW logo must be maintained.

The logo should not be printed in a size smaller than 3/4 of an inch, lengthwise. The text must be readable at all times.

Finally, there are many versions of the FSGW logo that may be more appropriate considering media context.  Horizontal, vertical, and square versions exist, with and without background, with and without color, with and without the words.  If you need access to a specific file type and specific version, contact the Publicity Chair.

Post Script:  The new logo adopted in 2017 is the official logo. It is readily recognized by its vibrant color scheme.  The old logos may not appear in promotion materials for current events, or anywhere, except if referring to history and historical documents and events.

For any questions about the usage of the logo, please contact the Publicity Chair.

Download the Logo

click on the picture below to download the desired FSGW logo version. 

For a pdf version, click the links below:

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