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The Folklore Society of Greater Washington is an all-volunteer organization.  A Board member is elected for a one-year term, and may only serve on the Board for five consecutive years.  Newly elected board members take office on July 1 each year.

 Title  Name  Send Email To
FSGW Board President Charlie Pilzer  FSGW President
FSGW Board Vice-president Caroline Barnes  FSGW Vice President
FSGW Treasurer Will Strang  FSGW Treasurer
FSGW Secretary vacant  FSGW Secretary
FSGW Past President
1 year term over  FSGW Past President
FSGW Past Treasurer 1 year term over  FSGW Past Treasurer
Dance Chair incoming: Alyssa Hemler  Dance Chair
Publications Chair Jim McRea  Publications Chair
Membership Chair Noël-Marie Delaney  Membership Chair
Program Chair Charlie Baum, incoming: Stephen Winick  Program Chair
Publicity Chair vacant  Publicity Chair
At Large Member 1 Jerry Blum
 Member At Large 1
At Large Member 2 incoming: David Shewmaker  Member At Large 2
At Large Member 3 Lucia Schaefer  Member At Large 3

Meetings:  Board meetings are open to FSGW members, although the Board reserves the right to go into executive session. If you wish to make a proposal to the Board, please email the President with the details at least two days in advance of the meeting, so that time can be allotted on the agenda. 

When:  Board meetings are usually held in the on the first Tuesday of each month.  

Location for live meetings:  Glen Echo National Park, Macarthur Boulevard, Glen Echo, Maryland, in the Classroom Building, usually Room 201. Please email the President if you need more specific directions. 

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Upcoming Board Meetings

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