About Us

The Folklore Society of Greater Washington, established 1964, produces more than 200 events every year:

        • concerts by local and touring artists
        • weekly dances with great callers and live music, 
        • a family dance appropriate for all ages
        • storytelling events
        • jams
        • sings
        • workshops
        • annual festivals
        • annual retreats.

All of our events are open to everyone, but members get free admission to some events and discounts on most. And when you Join FSGW, you are helping us keep these programs affordable while paying artists fair fees for their work. You become a steward of the living tradition.

To contact a specific Board member or attend our monthly meetings, visit Contact Us.



FSGW creates and programs events that are directly related to the non-profit. These events include yearly events which have their own subcommittee such as the Washington Folk Festival and select dance and concert series that are programmed by the board Dance Chair and Concert Chair, respectively.  


FSGW lends financial, technological, and marketing aid to programs who apply for a co-sponsor ship with us. Benefits of being co-sponsored include:

  • inclusion in our newsletter, website events, and weekly e-blasts
  • ability to reach our 750+  membership base
  •  use of our website's registration system for your attendees
  • zoom license for 200+ participants
  • financial support for your venue and artist


We advertise local events too! Local events and festivals can submit a listing to our newsletter, which we send out to our 750+ members.

Calendar and website listings are reserved for FSGW programmed and co-sponsored events. 

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