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Folklore Society of Greater Washington (FSGW) Policy Regarding Respiratory Viruses and In-Person Event Participation

FSGW's goal is to keep in-person event participants* healthy and safe. FSGW requests that participants approach attendance at in-person events from a “community care” perspective, including respecting the personal choice to mask/not mask. Each of us plays an essential role in keeping the community healthy so thank you for your collaboration!

1) FSGW recommends following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to prevent the spread of Respiratory Viruses.

If you are experiencing symptoms of infection, which include fever, chills, fatigue, cough, runny nose, and headache, among others, please refrain from attending an in-person FSGW event until your symptoms have resolved. 

 2) FSGW requests participants who test positive for a Respiratory Virus, including but not limited to COVID-19 and all variants, RSV, and Flu, in the 4 days after an attended event to contact the event organizer or the president of FSGW.

3) FSGW will follow the health directives issued by the Federal Government, the State of Maryland, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and local jurisdictions within the states of Maryland and Virginia.

4) FSGW will follow the rules established by the venue. Events held in private residences are subject to the rules established by the event host. FSGW reserves the right to alter this policy, including canceling an event, as necessary.

*Participants: Any person registered for or at an event. This includes audience members, dancers, singers, volunteers, performers and staff.

Adopted April 2, 2024

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