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Martyn Wyndham-Read (house concert)

  • 06 Sep 2018
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Martyn Wyndham-Read has been collecting and singing traditional songs for more than 40 years, from his native Sussex coal town to sheep farms in Emu Springs, Australia to collaborations with Bert Lloyd and Bill Leader back in England. Wikipedia — recounting his career and 28 albums from 1963-2012 in much greater detail than his own modest web site — quotes a music critic from the Canberra Times: Martyn “tends to sing his songs slowly, giving each line its due weight and lining the melody out with great clarity. He is helped in this by a voice which rarely wavers from the pitch; but folk singing is a subtle art, and just having a good voice is not enough... He sings English, Irish and Australian ballads with equal authority; in fact he is one of the few singers who can do justice to our bush-ranging and convict songs. His style is polished and rounded, full-blown almost, yet it escapes the theatricality which seems to creep into the work of some of our classically-trained folk singers.” Here's one of many samples of his magnificent voice on YouTube. $15 suggested donation. At Molly Hickman's house in Takoma Park. RSVP & directions: program@fsgw.org.

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