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Challenge Dance Luke Donforth and Nova (Special Dance)

  • 17 Jun 2018
  • 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Glen Echo Park Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo, MD

You asked for it, you got it, an afternoon of mind-benders to encourage you to challenge your dance practice at whatever level you may be. A typical challenging session features dances with figures that might not be regularly encountered in an evening of dance. So be ready to challenge your brain and feet with star thru contra corners, backward progressions, left hand chains, and other odd delights. 
You will advance your dance practice, be it through learning new moves, getting smoother on infrequent ones, or helping others to do so. Mostly it’s a chance to dance your best and have fun! Informal potluck to follow, 
see you on the dance floor! 

Hailing from New England, Nova is a contra dance band that weaves the sounds of fiddle, accordion, and guitar into a rich tapestry of sound. Nova draws from both traditional repertoire and original compositions to create versatile, high energy and driving dance music.

Kathleen Fownes (Fiddle), Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin (Accordion and Piano), and Everest Witman (Guitar and Feet).  Luke Donforth from the renowned  Mad Rob in Callers Collective comes to call

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