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  • Alex Deis-Lauby with Contrapositive (Sunday Contra)

Alex Deis-Lauby with Contrapositive (Sunday Contra)

  • 08 Apr 2018
  • 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Glen Echo Park Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo, MD
NO TUNE REPEATED MIDATLANTIC TOUR: ContraPositive and Alex Deis-Lauby are coming to town, with an all-new slate of tunes every single night! 

Blending sweet Irish fiddle, Scottish drive, and harmonic improvisation, ContraPositive brings the best of contemporary contra styles. Caller Alex Deis-Lauby's smooth voice, clear teaching style and engaging dance selections delight dancers from coast to coast. 

Matt Diaz -- guitar and other -- one of NYC's most sought-after Irish session guitarists, mixing rhythmic drive with an ever-changing harmonic structure

Joe de Paolo -- drums -- a background in funk, jazz, and fusion mixed with a love of dancing to lead Joe into several of contra's best-loved bands

Matthew Christian -- fiddle, flute, whistle -- a fourth-generation contra dancer who's recently snuck into the NYC Irish scene with a bold willingness to rethink traditional tunes

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