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2011 Getaway (FSGW Getaway)

  • 30 Sep 2011
  • 02 Oct 2011
  • United Methodist West River Center, West River, MD
Online registration is now closed. If you want to come to the Getaway call Dean Clamons at 703-631-9655 to check on space availability.

Prices$35.00for Adult Member 1-Day No Meals$220.00for Adult Non-Member 3-Night Upper$75.00for Adult Member 1-Day With MealsFREEfor Child 00-03$106.00for Adult Member 1-Night$5.00for Child 04-12 1-Day No Meals$102.00for Adult Member 1-Night Upper$45.00for Child 04-12 1-Day With Meals$176.00for Adult Member 2-Night$44.00for Child 04-12 1-Night$170.00for Adult Member 2-Night Upper$73.25for Child 04-12 2-Night$206.00for Adult Member 3-Night$101.25for Child 04-12 3-Night$200.00for Adult Member 3-Night Upper$20.00for Child 13-17 1-Day No Meals$40.00for Adult Non-Member 1-Day No Meals$60.00for Child 13-17 1-Day With Meals$80.00for Adult Non-Member 1-Day With Meals$58.50for Child 13-17 1-Night$116.00for Adult Non-Member 1-Night$97.50for Child 13-17 2-Night$112.00for Adult Non-Member 1-Night Upper$125.50for Child 13-17 3-Night$196.00for Adult Non-Member 2-Night$73.25for Student 1-Night$190.00for Adult Non-Member 2-Night Upper$122.00for Student 2-Night$226.00for Adult Non-Member 3-Night$150.00for Student 3-Night

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