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2019 Spring Ball Program (music, videos)

2019 Spring Ball Program (pdf) (includes written dance instructions)

Dance execution

  • Click on a dance title to watch the dance being done
  • The execution of dances in some videos may be slightly different from the manner in which they will be danced at the Ball.
  • Dance tunes found in The Barnes Book of English Country Dance Tunes, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (source for Barnes books) list which Volume the sheet music is in.
  • When sheet music is not available in one of the Barnes's volumes, a link to sheet music is provided.

 Dance Execution


 The Archer
 The Huntsman's Chorus
 Cheshire Rounds
 Barnes: 1-19
 The Cobbler's Hornpipe (tune:  Mr. Englefield's New Hornpipe) Barnes:  1-77
 The Cotery Barnes:  2-23
 Cumberland Square Eight Barnes:  2-26
 Eastbourne Rover Eastbourne Rover
 The Flying Sorceress A Bruxa
 Heather Towers The Seven Stars
 Hudson Barn Barnes:  1-54
 The Irish Howle The Irish Howle
 Jack by the Hedge Jack by the Hedge
 Kensington Court Barnes:  2-63
 The Merry Andrew Barnes:  1-74
 Minnows (or, Bother the Fish) Minnows
 Parthenia Barnes:  1-94
 Revelations (tune:  She's Sweetest When She's Naked) She's Sweetest When She's Naked 
 Round About Our Coal Fire Barnes:  1-109
 Sally in Our Alley Barnes:  1-114
 Trip to Town-O Barnes:  2-46

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