2024 Spring Ball Program

The Ball Program Dances

6/8 Am Jack's Health

2/2 A Swept Away NIB

3/2 C Mr. Isaac's Maggot

6/8 Em Lovers' Knot (Indian Point)

3/4 G/Am Hudson Barn

6/8 Bb Double Visit NIB

4/4 A Money Musk

6/8 Dm First String NIB

3/2 Cm Mary K


2/2 Gm SaltySweet NIB

6/8 G Gigue for Genny

3/2 Am Up with Aily (Hare's Maggot)

2/2 D Pacific Crest NIB

6/8 Gm the Old Bachelor

2/2 G Portsmouth

3/4 D Heartfelt NIB

2/2 Gm Michedonia 

  • Dance tunes found in The Barnes Book of English Country Dance Tunes, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (source for Barnes books) list which Volume the sheet music is in.
  • When sheet music is not available in one of the Barnes's volumes, a link to sheet music will be provided.
  • Dances that do not have links to instructional videos will be linked to videos as those videos become available.




Jack's HealthBarnes:  I-58
Swept Away 
Mr. Isaac's Maggot
Lovers' Knot (Indian Point)
Hudson Barn
Double Visit 
Money Musk
First String 
Mary K
Gigue for Genny
Up with Aily (Hare's Maggot)
Pacific Crest 
The Old Bachelor

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