#dance Weekend (aka Hashtag dance Weekend)

Join us for this one of a kind weekend of hash calling, no-walk-throughs, ultra-challenging contras, squares and other formations that will challenge you to your core. 

What we got going on...  (aka the schedule)

SATURDAY Daytime (Registered Weekend Attendees only)

Starting around 9:30 am with a callers workshop, workshops, dancing from 10 to lunch, lunch, dancing from 2 to dinner, potluck (evening dancers welcome)

SATURDAY Night (Walk Ins Welcome - $6/$15/$12, included in weekend registration)

A "Zesty" Contra Dance in the Bumper Car Pavilion, 7:30 - 11:30, Calling by Seth and Will, 

SUNDAY Day (Registered Weekend Attendees only)

Like Saturday Callers and Coffee, workshops, dancing, food, workshops, dancing Potluck (evening walk ins welcome!)

SUNDAY Night (7:30 to 10:30 included in weekend registration, walk ins welcome $5/$10/$13)

Wrap up the weekend with our regular Sunday Night Dance with extra hot bands and callers!

Bands & Callers

Cloud Ten

Planeaux, Wells, and Larson

Callers: William Mentor and Seth Tepfer are your callers for a wonderful one-off weekend of dancer fever dreams!

Admission and Registration

Info coming

To ensure a comfortable space with the wild stuff the callers will have us doing, #DANCE's daytime events will only be available to full weekend registrants, with sales capped. The evening dances are included in the weekend registration. Saturday and Sunday evening dances in the Bumper Car Pavilion will have limited walk in availability.


Spanish Ballroom and the Bumper Car Pavilion at Glen Echo Park.  Directions to Glen Echo Park


Contact the Dance Chair for housing, potluck, volunteer inquiries

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